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Fire Sprinklers are water systems used to put out fires. They are set off by heat and not smoke as some might think. 
Fire sprinklers reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 98%, fire damage by up to 97%, water usage to fight a home fire by as much as 91%, and they reduce pollutants found in waste water.
A Fire sprinkler system in your home is an investment that can also reduce your mortgage insurance which can pay for itself in a few short years.


Fire suppression systems function like a sprinkler system with the same goal, however, these systems use special components that detect the presence of smoke fire at the earliest point and usually work in conjunction with an alarm system that warns people to get to safety at the first sign of trouble.


Annual inspections are required by law and are done for the customers benefits.  A regular inspection can detect any irregularities or parts that have warn out over time and conditions.  A complete system review is done every five years to make sure any possible discontinued parts or outdated equipment is noted for replacement and or repair.

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